Chicken and Eggs

We have a variety of chickens on the ranch. We have Barred Rocks, Olive Eggers, Leghorns, Black Copper Marans, Orpingtons, Production Blues, Red Stars, Rhode Island Red, Barnvelders, Australorp, Easter Eggers, and Sapphire Gems. In 2020, we had our first chicks born on the Ranch. They were all cross breeds. Currently, we are working to separate out some of our breeds and hatching Olive Eggers and Australorps. Check back in late spring and early summer for chicks.

We love our eggs. I have a candling license, so I can legally sell them. They are beautiful, but also quite tasty:


a MVR mix of 2 med, 6 large and 4 XL/Jumbo for $7.00

a dozen large for $6.00

or a dozen medium for $5.00

Chicks for sale–mix of yard birds, Mama hens are a mixed of Production Blues, Saphire Gems, Lavender Buffintons, Sexlink, Olive eggers, Easter egger, Australorp, Rhode Island Red–Papa roosters are either Olive Egger, Black Maran, or Australorp.

10-17 weeks old: $15.00

6-9 weeks old $10.00

3-5 weeks old $5.00